2016-2017  PRODUCTIONS

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Sherlock Holmes: The Final Adventure

Written by Steven Dietz

Directed by Stephen Underwood

Dramaturg - Lesley Zaya

May, 2017



Sherlock Holmes – Axel Eltzroth

Dr. James Watson – John Percy Lasher

Professor James Moriarty – Mark Dixon

Irene Adler – Samantha Simpson

Godfrey Norton/James Larabee – Anthony Cipollo

King of Bohemia – Christopher Latzke

Madge Larabee – Sara Vanasse

Sid Prince – Jason Schaum


Young Frederick Douglass

Written by Walt Vail

Directed by John Mullany

Dramaturg - Rebekah Weagraff

April 8 – 24, 2016


Frederick Douglass – Kamili Feelings

Freddy Bailey (young Frederick Douglass) – Gregory (Malachi) Holmes

Wilks/Charles Lawson/ Bill/Sandy Jenkins – Warren Johns

Hugh Auld/Thomas Auld/Edward Covey – Michael Pliskin

Sophia Auld - Katie Frazer

Tommy Auld – Damon Zarro


BTP Fall Festival

Sept. 16 – 18, 2016

A weekend of solo and one act performances

Presented by Beacon Theatre Productions

Waking Dreams – created and performed by Lauren Davenport


Ben’s Key – written by Kenneth N. Kurts and

performed by Lisa Panzer and Barry Polis


Melvin’s Last Ride – written and performed by Stephen Underwood


The Life and Times of Harriet Tubman written and performed

by Dr. Daisy Century


A Mind Worth Exploring written and performed by Amadea Martino Smith


Alma Rosé by Polly Edelstein and Austin Stanton

Performed by Austin Stanton


Haunted by God: The Life of Dorothy Day featuring Lisa Wagner-Carollo