The Spirit of Sojourner Truth: Ain't I A Woman?

Written, Directed and Performed by Dr. Daisy Century

Philly Theatre Week:
Sunday, February 10th - 2pm

2nd Baptist Church of Germantown

6459 Germantown Ave. Philadelphia 

Free to the Public

Beacon Theatre Productions partnered with Dr. Daisy Century and 2nd Baptist Church of Germantown to feature an inspiring one woman show for Philadelphia Theatre Week. Written and performed by Dr. Daisy Century: creator of original one woman shows since 1999. "The Spirit of Sojourner Truth: Ain't I A Woman?" revealed the heart and soul of the amazing preacher, suffragist, abolitionist, nurse, and equal rights activist. 


Touring production - Jan. - June, 2019

Written and directed by Gigi McGraw

Dramaturgy by Georgina Bard

Featuring Camille E. Young, Ciera Gardner and Gigi McGraw alternating in the roles of Harriet and Charlotte.

A new touring production, based on the life and activism of Harriet Forten Purvis, African American Abolitionist and Suffragist, and her niece Charlotte Forten Grimké. 


This a 40 minute play (or condensed 20 minute piece) followed by a 15 minute talk back performed at 15 locations from January through June, 2019 at community libraries, schools, church groups, and other community organizations.

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November, 2018 Staged Reading and Preview Performance


Written By Mary Walton

Georgina Bard - Director and Dramaturg

Featuring Jen Jaynes as Susan B. Anthony

On Nov. 1, 1872, famed women's rights activist Susan B. Anthony strode boldly into a barbershop and announced that she wished to register to vote. Certain she would be turned away by the election inspectors, she planned to appeal her case to the U.S. Supreme Court. 

LETTERS TO AUNT HATTIE (20 minute preview performance)

Written and Directed by Gigi McGraw 

Georgina Bard - Dramaturg

Featuring Ciera Gardner

A preview of our 2019 touring play about African American Philadelphia civil rights activist, Harriet Forten Purvis. The audience was given a peek into her work in Abolitionist and Women's Suffrage causes, the Underground Railroad and efforts with Octavius Catto to desegregate Philadelphia trolley cars.