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Under the Bonnet

Directed by:

Steve Gaissert and Georgina Bard


Lucretia Mott - Heather Plank

James Mott - Robert Weick

Frederick Douglass - Eric Carter

To commemorate the 100th anniversary of women obtaining the right to vote in the US, Beacon Theatre Productions proudly presents Under the Bonnet by Shelli Pentimall Bookler.

Quaker, wife, mother, teacher, orator, friend, activist and symbol of strength and determination. A tenacious woman who spent her life fighting for the rights of women and African Americans, Lucretia Mott abided by the Quaker tenet that all people are equal. She helped found the Philadelphia Female Anti-Slavery Society, and co-wrote the Declaration of Sentiments for the first Women’s Rights Convention in Seneca Falls, New York, igniting the fight for women’s suffrage. She also helped found Swarthmore College in Pennsylvania and continued her resolve for creating equality until her final days. Through conversations with her husband, James Mott, and with insights from fellow women's rights advocate, Frederick Douglass, Under the Bonnet reveals the strength and tenacity of her character as well as the tender and compassionate woman under the bonnet. 

2020 Performances and Venues

  • Feb. 15th - La Mott Library and Recreation Center

  • Feb. 16th - 2nd Baptist Church of Germantown

  • Feb. 19th  - Julia de Burgos School, Philadelphia

  • Feb. 21st - University of PA Memory Café

  • Feb. 29th - Willow Grove Giant Community Room

  • March 1st - Easttown Library, Berwyn

  • March 4th - Providence Center After School Program, Philadelphia

  • March 5th - William Jeanes Memorial Library

  • March 8th - Brandywine River Museum of Art

  • March 10th - Radnor Memorial Library

  • August 22nd - The Mott Graveside

  • August 30th - Arch Street Meeting House

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