- two new play readings featuring two female activists in the battle for the right to vote for women -

The Trial of Susan B. Anthony by Mary Walton 

featuring Jen Jaynes as Susan B. Anthony

Letters to Aunt Hattie by Gigi McGraw

featuring Ciera Gardner as Harriet Forten Purvis

Thank you to all who attended our staged play readings

on November 10th and 11th, 2018.

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new touring production about Lucretia Mott!

Letters to Aunt Hattie

Toured the Philadelphia area from January through June, 2019. All of our one act touring shows are perfect for schools, libraries, civic organizations, women's groups, and other community organizations. Harriet Forten Purvis was a Philadelphia African American abolitionist, suffragist, and activist and we have been excited to increase awareness about the significance of her lasting work.

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