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Thank you to all of our generous donors!
You are empowering us to tell stories that matter! 

Beacon Theatre Productions relies on public, private, and government support to produce theatre that educates, inspires, and challenges. Please consider BTP so that we may continue on our mission to make quality, informative, and thought provoking theater available to all.

(please let us know if you would rather remain anonymous or if you see any errors)

$300 and above – Sustainable Producers

Georgina Bard

Jim and Sue Brubaker

David Burgess

Michael Chewkanes

Jen Jaynes

Chrissy Kind

Al and Louise Lunsford

Randy Petersen

Michael Rudnick

Peter and Jean Warrington

$100 to $299 – Impactful Supporters

Janet and Michael Bass

Justin Caiazzo

Judith Cocking

Traci Connaughton

Carol Cook

Bernadette and Lawrence Geller

Michael Hollinger

Leigh Jackson

Michael Kelly

Ron and Judi Lusk

Camille Murphy

Lynn and Gene Nolan

Joanne and Gregory Phelan

Mary Walton

Janet and Martin Wasser

Allie Abbey

Michele Belluomini

Evetta Blair

Evan Brand

Michael Broussard

Caitlin Cahvarro

Timothy Carey

Ken Cross

Derek Dietz

Kamili Feelings

Doriane Feinstein

Juliana Flower

Alexander Gilson

Patricia Goldberg

Vaughn Goldsmith

Cara Herold

Linda Jaymes

Cynthia Jeffes

Jeri and Bret Johnson

Linda Ray Johnson

$1 to $99 – Engaged Friends

Pat Jordan

Stephanie Lavorgna

Nina Leonard

Hannah Lester

Ken and Amy Lewis

Nate Lunsford

Touché Mark

David and Christina McDowell

Loretta Lucy Miller

John Moore

Taj Murdock

Josephine O’Brien

Christine Petrini

Kathleen Petrini

Regina Phalange

Nancy Poultney

Earl and Bonnie Redmer

Bernard Robin

Mabel Rosenbeck

John and Heidi Shane

Russell Shelton

Elliot Shore and Maria Sturm

Dan Suchma

Mary Trzeciak

Robert Weick

Marian Wertalka

Kristina Winner

Dave and Leslie Wise

Shelia Wood

Sarah Wright

Lesley Zaya

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