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Image by Felix Mooneeram

Our Mission

Reach emerging audiences through accessible, affordable

theatre using critical moments of the past to show the way to a better, more equitable future.

We exist to

Offer productions to marginalized or underserved populations by offering “pay as you can” performances, and performances at accessible venues at low or no cost to the audience. We focus on engagement, respect, and collaboration.

We produce high quality, thought provoking content encouraging reflection and discussion. We take a fresh look at historical events and well known literary works to spotlight stories of social justice advocates, activists, people of color, and women.         

We give tools to think deep in the form of talk-backs and speakers’ nights with authors, actors, playwrights, and directors, and publish study guides to encourage critical thinking and wrestling with significant issues.

The Beacon Vision

“Spotlighting critical moments of the past to show the way to a better future.”

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