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Board of Directors – Job Description

We request that, as a new board member, you make a commitment for one year and re-evaluate your commitment after the first year is complete.


The Board of Directors exists to secure and promote the financial, legal and ethical well-being of the organization and to ensure that it fulfills its mission.


Our desire is for our board members to put forth their best individual effort to:


  • Attend, fully prepare for, and diligently participate in board meetings, committee meetings and special events

  • Make an annual  financial contribution at a level that is substantial, given your personal financial means, and make Beacon Theatre Productions a priority in your personal giving plan.

  • Actively participate in helping to find and actualize funding for the organization

  • Participate in all fundraising efforts in a significant way, by using your personal and business connections when appropriate, by soliciting funds when appropriate, by serving on fundraising committees, and by attending fundraising events.

  • Strive to keep abreast of trends, issues, and current developments that may affect the organization

  • Stay informed about what is going on in the organization

  • Actively voice your opinions and concerns and open mindedly consider everyone else’s opinions and concerns in all board decision making

  • Represent the organization in a positive and supportive manner at all times

  • Speak about and promote the organization at social events and with personal contacts when appropriate

  • Work collaboratively with staff and other board members as partners toward achievement of our organization’s goals

  • Strictly maintain the confidentiality of all privileged or sensitive information provided to you to safeguard the organizations’ reputation and integrity as well as the privacy rights of individuals and donors connected with the organization and the board. 

  • To review board responsibilities regularly and be familiar with the organization’s mission, bylaws and articles of incorporation

  • Approve the annual budget and assure appropriate financial controls

  • Collaborate with board in evaluation of executive director and decide on compensation of Executive Director. 

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