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The actors in this production, well-directed by Georgina Bard, are fully up to the task of realizing these characters and their interactions. Chase Byrd’s Bonhoeffer provides the right combination of intelligence, self-doubt, modesty, and innocence.

Bonhoeffer's Cost

It is elementary to see why this Sherlock Holmes: The Final Adventure is a sensational must-see experience!

Sherlock Holmes: The Final Adventure

Light and sound design by James Jackson, the scenic design by Amy Lewis, and the costume design by Melissa Murray contribute toward a thought-provoking evening inspired by an extraordinary life story.

Bonhoeffer's Cost

Kamili Feelings is strong as the orator Douglass, showing us much more of what Douglass becomes as his life progresses—a man with eloquence and a deep understanding of what he will accomplish for his people and his country.

Young Frederick Douglass

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